Previous Versions

Below is a list of the previous versions of this website, the changes that were made in that version and a link to view that version. For an explanation of how the versioning works for this website, please see here.

v1.2.0 (Current Version)

  • Updated the year string in the footer, changing it from a hardcoded string to using JS to dynamic display the current year. This way I won't need to remember to update a hardcoded string every year.
  • Added Google Analytics tracking to all pages of the site so I can see if anyone ever actually looks at it.


Added new content to the site:
  • Page explaining how the versioning works.
  • This website included in the Projects page (as a project that I've done/am working on), along with a link to the Previous Versions page.
  • The Previous Versions page which lists all the previous versions (and current version) of this website. Providing details of: version deployment date, what was included in the version and a link that takes you to that specfic version of the website.


Fixed a bug: The mobile layout/styling was not being used on mobile devices, the website was defaulting to the desktop styling on mobile devices instead. Fixed by including viewport, width=device-width, initial-scale=1 in the head of every page.


Fixed a bug: The file name for the github logo on the Other Me page was incorrect (differing by case, i.e. a case sensitivity issue).


The initial release of the website.